Out with Friends

So, as I’ve been saying lately, I am trying to get back in the photography game. I am not the best, but I am feeling very creative lately and I am trying to push through the slump and get some work done. So, yesterday I went out with my friends and I brought my camera with me (naturally) so I could do some practice shots and here’s how they turned out.

We took precautions for this shoot, we were strolling but taking care of ourselves and everyone around us. These pictures were taken with my kit lens, which doesn’t have good low light performance and I was just pushing it.

I am glad I took these shots and I’m gonna keep practicing and getting better I guess, I am also looking forward to getting a better lens for low light, but until then enjoy these.


Hello, everybody, I am passing by to let you know that as an attempt of expanding my creative thoughts and expressions, I decided to make a YouTube channel which you can visit here. In there you’re gonna get to know me a little bit more and I just started making beauty videos, but there is more coming and I want you guys to be a part of. Much love to everyone who still reads me when ideas strike.

Like I said before, this YouTube channel is another way of expressing my art. Besides this, stay tuned for mor photography.



There once was a girl,

Brave and strong,

Who felt like a shadow,

But instead she was the sun.

She didn’t know where to go,

She was lost but didn’t know,

Wanting to find her place, 

In this world.

Thought of getting out,

Thought of going to sleep,

But she could not

Count any sheep.

She could not comprehend,

Why she felt like that, 

So, she took a pen,

And wrote why she felt sad.

There once was a girl,

Brave and strong,

Who felt like a shadow,

But instead was the sun.


I do not own the rights for this picture. Credit to the owner.

MIA: but I am back.

Well hello, my beautiful souls, I know I have been a little distant from you guys, but I am back. I am going to try to be active and frequent, it has been a long few months for me. First, I want to let you guys know that this girl is soon to graduate from college, so you know the pressure is on most days, which is also one of the major reasons I have been absent.

I have a few plans for this, and I was even thinking about getting a youtube channel, but for now, I might just stick to IGTV’s that will let me connect with whoever wants to connect with me. For more information about social media, they are under my personal information in the blog. Right now I do not count on a new computer for the Youtube channel which is one of the main reasons I have not started on it. So here’s the thing, you guys can follow me on my social media and ask anything, I will be back here posting some poetry, stories and maybe even opinions on stuff, and that is gonna be completely open for you guys to ask me stuff on social media and even here.


So, I am going to be signing off for today but I am going to try to post something next week. I am not going to commit to what is left of the week since I have to finish some college work, but I really hope you guys are still here reading me.

P.S. I have been considering uploading a video singing on my IGTV this week so watch out for that, I guess you should go and follow me there. Help me out I miss the arts so I am trying to get back on there.

with lots of love,



Just like in the movies,

Touch me, don’t hesitate.

Touch me like you mean it,

Strip me bare with your eyes.

Caress me, with your thoughts.

Undress me, and let’s reach for the stars.

Let me walk on the moon without leaving this room, let the ecstasy of this moment make me fly, so high i can’t come back.

Own me, but only for this instant.

Let’s intertwine like nothing in this world was meant to be this close.

Only we exist, as you reach for those areas that only you know how to please.

Make me earn this feeling that you know so well.

Let me experience the euphoria of you inside of me, feeling my skin.

Let me be a part of this moment as much as you are, and when you climax you make sure i have too.

Only then will we be fully connected, because you know me in the most vulnerable way, you know me completely stripped.



I look at you all smiley,

And my insides start going insane

Perhaps is not just my insides but my entire being.

The thought of seeing those beautiful eyes brightening up every single corner of a room.

I know it may be wrong to want you and that we may not be right for each other,

But it is a chance i want to take.

I want to be wrong for all the right reasons.

This feeling you give me will not go away, and maybe that’s because i don’t want it to.

Maybe i just don’t want to let go, i want the passionate adventure your eyes promise.

I want my name to become your favorite song, and that you can’t stop singing it, ever.

Perhaps i brought all of this upon myself,

But i rather dream of this moments, than face reality.


Bottled Up.

Am i really the kind to break you with just words?

Or is this just a way of my body telling me that it can’t hold on any longer.

Don’t let it show, we sure say this a lot

Can we really relate to this?

Is trying to be a smiling butterfly all the time now back firing?

Because you’re not a gleeful delight, you’re just the human being

That feels, feels so much that burns your insides and the outside can’t take it.

So it slowly breaks you until you can’t breathe anymore.


In Time.

Today, you walked by.

Sometimes i wonder if you see me

I find myself fixing my hair

“Why did i just do that?”

You’re smiling and i realized i am doing the same thing

But also that i am not the reason why.

And I may never be

You come up to me and say “hi”

My heart is accelerating and i can’t breathe,

but there you are looking at me.

Although i know that gaze will never be what it want it to be

I’ll take it because that is how much i want you in this life, in my life.

Even for just a split second

Your eyes meet mine and for that second all my insecurities go away

After that moment i realize, once again, that we will never be anything but a little moment in time.


Let’s Make Harmonies.

Look at you all pretty.

I wonder if you think the same of me.

Every time I see you, all I can think of is how I would like your eyes waking up next to me.

Your beautiful hands caressing my skin

Oh, what I would give for your beautiful thoughts to start with me

That laugh of yours making sure to become the most beautiful symphony in my head

Our bodies intertwining like the alluring harmony I know we could be.

But that’s just it, could we really “be”?

I am just a secondary character in the lengthy novel that your life is.

I do not think we would have a time where “we” exists.

I will never be able to tell you how lovely you are to me

And I will always be in the background for you.

Look at you, all pretty.